Gettin’ Pixelated Podcast – 06/07/2012

Beware! This is the show that just may eat your face off!

Soup Or Villainz – I’m a Zombie
sAMPLE tHE mARTIAN – The T-Virus (Electrocution Graveyard Mix)
King Pheenix – When We Rise
Dr. Awkward w/ Zealous1 – Left4Dead (The Bossfights Remix)

MC Wreckshin – Bath Salt Zombies
Zombies! Organize!! – Trioxin
MC COOL WHIP w/ Grizzly C – You’ve been bitten. What do i do?
Navi – Don’t Call Me

mc chris – mc chris is dead
Adam WarRock – Zombie Girl
Emergency Pizza Party w/ Rappy McRapperson – Zombie Jesus
Illbotz – Zombie Girl