A Comic Show – 10/16/2012

Hey Fandom! I’m back from NYCC and there’s new comics! Everybody wins!

DC has the Death of Catwoman’s family. Justice League continues the Super Friends with benefits subplot with WW and Supes as well as a Thundercats nod. New Guardians has a flashback with Kyle’s girlfriend, Alex, killed by…who knows? Major Force is ret-conned, so we don’t even know if Kyle knows which villain killed her.

Marvel Point One had what will be my new favorite book: Young Avengers! Seriously, Young Avengers will be Scott Pilgrim for super hero fans (or super heroes for Scott Pilgrim fans)! Shut up, not every Marvel book has to be for you! This ones for me! ;)

Walking Dead was an All Ages book this month! Just look at the variant cover!
Also, Mind the Gap volume one is a brilliant mystery crime book with great characterization even though the protagonist is in a coma! Highly recommended to Morning Glories and Lost fans that want a mystery story with better paced revels! (I dig both Morning Glories and Lost, but I’ve heard plenty of complaints about the pacing of both and the ending of Lost).

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