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Kai and myself sit down and play one of our favorite games, Mega Man Legends. Kai has beaten the game several times, so I figured he should take the helm on this adventure.

Mega Man Legends was the first time that Mega Man was in 3d, the thing to me that stands out most in this game is the really great dialog sequences, and mainly just because of the facial expressions. The characters in the game are very enjoyable and features one of our favorite video game characters ever, Tron Bonne. Though we don’t do every single thing in the game, we take a look at the basic story line and a few of the side quests.

Mega Man Legends was originally released for the original Playstation in North America on August 31, 1998. It was re released later under the name Mega Man 64 on the Nintendo 64 on January 10, 2001. It also saw a Window release on July 14, 2001. Japan also had a PSP release of it on August 4,2005.


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