NXT 5/4/2016


We get out of Dallas and we’re back at Full Sail where NXT is finally ready to get back to work.

A lot has changed over the past couple weeks with Samoa Joe being NXT Champion and Nakamura killing everybody he’s been laying eyes on. This week, we see Austin Aries in action among other things that I’m sure is going to happen. So with all that, let’s get started with this week’s NXT.

The Time: May 4th, 2016
The Place: Full Sail University
The Hosts: Corey Graves and Tom Phillips

Samoa Joe comes out, NXT belt on his shoulder, to start things off. He says he’s a man of his word and that he’s like death and taxes…he’s inevitable! And he’s now standing in this ring as NXT Champion. He says it’s a new era and he runs things now so if anybody’s got a problem they can be choked out. Well, somebody has a problem….ERIC YOUNG formerly of TNA! The audience is happy to see him but not as happy as they were to see James Storm in terms of TNA castaways. He’s still bearded Eric Young though, not that fresh faced scamp of the Team Canada days. Eric says he knows Joe and Joe knows him and prattles about Joe’s credentials and how he’s going to change. And he’s going to start the change by wanting the NXT belt. He’s still prattling on change….the novelty has worn off already while Joe gets out of the ring while telling Young that he doesn’t belong in the same ring as him.


Tessa has entrance music, not bad but pretty generic. Well, they lock up and Nia lifts her out without any effort. Then’s just murdering Tessa while Tessa tries to do some offense with no success. Nia then hits the Samoan Drop into a Leg Drop for the pin in a typical jobber match.


Two weeks ago, we saw the debut of No Way Jose and he’ll be in action tonight!

Camp WWE commerical, that show is kinda cute. Especially Vince McMahon’s and Ric Flair’s voice acting skills.


If NXT ever gets a secondary title, I think Tye should be the inaugural champion. He makes a great test for all the new folks, whether it’s somebody built from scratch or somebody from the outside like Austin Aries here. Lots of chinlocks to start with and Tye doing his Perfect 10 schtick. Austin stops doing a rest hold and goes into another rest hold, an arm bar! They’re up to strikes and stomps now, which isn’t too bad. Tye still has the heat while the crowd chants “10” and “THAT WAS 10”. Austin makes his comeback and hits a brutal double ear slap to Tye. Then he hits aerial moves like a corkscrew dive and a senton from the ropes. RUDE AWAKENING ON THE SECOND ROPE…done by Austin, obviously but Tye hits a neck breaker of his own for a near fall. Austin hits the Rolling Elbow and then climbs up the ropes and HITS A 450 for the pinfall. Not a bad match, it’s a shame they’re never gonna push Tye Dilenger past being a mid-card gatekeeper he’s almost too good for his role.


Recap of The Revival attacking Hype Bros so a match between the two teams is up next.


Dash and Zack Ryder start things off. It’s a good, clean brawl so far. Dawson gets the tag and he beats Ryder up some more. There has been no shine from the Hype Bros so far. Dash is back and more beatings for Ryder happen. I think the crowd just chanted “MOJO-JOJO” at Mojo Rawley. Mojo finally gets the hot tag and he’s beating up Dash! Mojo hits a hard football tackle on Dash. But Dawson comes up from behind and The Revival hits the Shatter Machine on Mojo for the pin. This was very meh-worthy but it does make The Revival look strong again.


Alex Riley is back and he’s full of RAAAAGGGGGEEEEEEEE!!!!! He has a match against Shinsuke Nakamura next week but Alex is very unimpressed with Nakamura and Strong Style. Riley promises a lot of RAAAAAAGGGGGGGEEEEEEEE in this match! RAAAAGGGGEEEEE!!!!!


No Way Jose is just weird but his dancing ability is pretty good. It’s just that this gimmick of a dancing wrestler who dances while on offense has little legs and it’ll die on the main roster, just like The Vaudevillains has. Tom Phillips makes a “Hips Don’t Lie” reference to a mortified Corey Graves. Jose’s opponent has no name…like at all but he laughs at Jose’s dancing. Jose has the jobber in an armbar but he’s not dancing during it to increase the leverage! Jose just keeps hitting the jobber until he hits the full nelson slam for the pin.


Austin Aries interview and he talks how much better than Tye Dilenger, calls himself the perfect 20. He’s bummed that he’s so awesome but he’s flying underneath the radar after the initial buzz. He thinks he just needs a bit more initiative. Also, he has a banana that he’s gonna eat to replenish his potassium.

Samoa Joe vs. Eric Young is next…that was fast.

Finn Balor vignette, just a greatest hits of NXT career with sad music cause he’s sad that Samoa Joe beat him for the NXT title questioning if he should embrace the demon once more. He’s back next week.


Tom Phillips gives a brief history lesson Eric Young but he obviously does not say the letters T nor N nor A in that exclusive order. Eric Young is in control at first with wristlocks but Joe easily reverses it. Now they’re doing the boo-yay punch spot but it’s very subdued with no much yaying for Eric and weak booking for Joe. Eric is still beating Joe but Joe just throws Eric out of the ring. LIKE HE WAS TRASH! Joe then hits a suicide dive and sends Eric Young laying on the steel ramp as we go to break!

We’re back with Joe doing knife-edge chops to Eric Young. Eric fights back but Joe shuts him down very quickly. It’s now a back-and-forth slugfest but Joe ends it with an enziguri to Eric Young’s face. Joe has Eric in a nerve hold to the trapezius muscle. Eric escapes but Joe hits a reverse atomic drop then a running senton to Eric Young for a nearfall. Joe then starts punching Eric Young but he’s punching back! So far Joe hasn’t shut down his momentum yet….spoke too soon, Joe hits a huge back body drop on Eric Young. And I mean huge, like Eric Young touched the ceiling huge! And it’s the same thing, Joe hits Eric but he fights back but Joe shuts down momentum. Eric finally gets sustained momentum as he gives Samoa Joe a suplex then a big elbow drop…but he only gets a 2 count with that. Joe then starts slapping Eric and hits the muscle buster but Joe’s not done. He slaps on the Kokina Clutch on Eric Young as he quickly taps. Joe delays releasing the hold but eventually does before the decision is reversed by DQ as the episode ends. The match was OK, nothing special and it just went in circles with Eric Young almost gaining momentum before Joe shut him down again and again and again.


Average NXT show, there’s nothing special about it and it doesn’t really set up the stage for anything past next week. This one you can skip unless you really care about Eric Young.

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