Propeller Anime Radio (Ep. 14): MegaCon Recap, Tons of 2014 Anime News, The Wind Rises, and More!!!


In this episode, we look at the largest gathering of geeks in Florida, the latest big anime announcements, and Studio Ghibli’s latest movie!

MegaCon, Florida’s all-encompassing geek media mecca, took place this past weekend at the Orange County Convention Center. Kent and Shamus give the rundown on that, the major happenings, the feedback, and the convention’s anime presence.

We even go over a panel report from Juan Sanmiguel of the Orlando Science Fiction Society from Sunday’s panel “Anime 2014: What to Expect” Thanks, Juan!

Then we change gears to all the tremendous news that broke out in the world of anime that everyone missed while going to MegaCon! A new Lupin the 3rd movie directed by Takeshi Koike, a new season of Psycho Pass, new Shinichiro Watanabe anime(besides Space Dandy), the Attack on Titan English cast announcements, and more!

Finally, we give our thoughts on Hayao Miyazaki’s final film, The Wind Rises, including the low gross at the U.S. Box office and what that could mean for future anime theatrical releases.

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