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This is Brian’s play through of Rogue Legacy he did on his Twitch stream. Rogue Legacy is a platformer rogue like that was released last year.

One really cool thing about this game is its procedural generation, there are tons of different layouts and formats of the map which keeps the game interesting. Keep in mind you die, you die a lot, it almost feels like you’re supposed to die over and over and over again, but its not a bad feeling. The game keeps the rewards flowing so the game play after dying is a smooth transition. The game’s story follows your family lineage, so the traits and stats you take are passed down onto your children. They also have some pretty hilarious genetic peculiarities as you will see.

The game was made by Cellar Door Games, and took about 18 months to develop. The game cost around $15,000 to develop, which was earned back within an hour of its release, it also sold over 100,000 copies within the first week.


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