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Cheapskate Reviews The Devil’s Cavaliers

Those of you who have followed my work for a while may have picked up on one of my habits.

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Cheapskate Reviews Everlasting Summer

Having hit some serious writer’s block in my last two attempts to review a movie, I thought I’d try something different.

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Cheapskate: Sydney Sci-Fi Film Festival Report

One of the benefits of being cheap in real life is that now and then, I get to take a nice vacation.

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The DVD Shelf: The Magnificent Seven

Remakes are a tricky proposition with many people shunning the idea all together as “unoriginal” or “a cash grab”.

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The DVD Shelf: Fall TV In Review 2016

The end of summer doesn’t just mean more comfortable weather and a pumpkin flavor invasion, it also marks the beginning of the new TV season when we are inundated with new and returning shows and TV fans have to ask themselves which ones are worth watching.

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Cheapskate Reviews: Spider Baby

Houses are a metaphor for the people who live in them.

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The DVD Shelf: Summer Movies In Review 2016

Every summer we are bombarded with big movies.

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The DVD Shelf: Kill Zone 2

As always, I like to seek out the newest and best martial arts films from around the world but unfortunately, the truly high quality ones are few and far between.

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The DVD Shelf: Remembering The Bourne Saga

Back in 2002, we received the first entry in what would become a popular and engaging franchise of action-packed spy thrillers – The Bourne Identity, which has gone on to spawn four sequels, the most recent being this summer’s Jason Bourne.

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The DVD Shelf: Star Trek Beyond

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the beginning of one of the most iconic sci-fi shows ever – Star Trek.

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