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DVD Shelf Foreign Flix Ep 22: Ninja Scroll

In his very first review of an animated movie, Andy takes a look back at the acclaimed 1993 Japanese anime film, Ninja Scroll!

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Cheapskate Reviews The Devil’s Cavaliers

Those of you who have followed my work for a while may have picked up on one of my habits.

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The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews Episode 33: The Elephant Man

Following the death of acclaimed British actor John Hurt, David reviews one his most iconic performances – the severely deformed John Merrick in David Lynch’s Oscar-nominated drama, The Elephant Man.

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Stuff You Like 148: Portal GLADOS

Welp, this was a triumph.

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Nero Reviews – Samurai Jack

Samurais, shape-shifting demon wizards, Scotsman, all those things! Taking a look at Samurai Jack.

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DVD Shelf Foreign Flix Ep 21: Black Out

In the spirit of crime thrillers like Memento and comedies like The Hangover and Dude, Where’s My Car?, Andy reviews the 2012 Dutch action/crime comedy Black Out!

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Mr. Mendo: Foxy Nudes Review (Fox News Hentai Parody)

Let’s take things back to the more innocent time of 2004, when the idea that the media might be lying to us was still just a sexy, sexy fantasy! The Hack Attack is back, baby!

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Cartoon Corner: Alpha and Omega 3 – The Great Wolf Games

The only thing great is that the Great Wolf Races end.

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Fright Bites- Get Out

Does Jordan Peele’s first foray into the world of horror deserve a warm welcome? Or should we just tell it to get out?

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Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

In this episode, the Fear Fan goes on a road trip with his current franchise focus! Will audiences love New York, or should they have stuck with the campgrounds?

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