The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews Ep 29: Good Morning, Vietnam

In paying tribute to the late, great Robin Williams, this episode of The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews will focus on one of my favorite of his starring roles – the 1987 comedic war drama, Good Morning Vietnam, which loosely tells the story of Airman Adrian Cronauer, who spent some time as a morning radio DJ over in Vietnam during the mid 60s and took it upon himself to bring a taste of home to the American soldiers stationed in the country by providing them with lively broadcasts and playing the day’s most popular music.

We’ll meet the real Adrian Cronauer and see just how accurately the film recounts his wartime experiences. We’ll then discuss how this film was a major turning point in Robin Williams’ stellar career, and finally, I’ll top it all off with a look at the film’s blu-ray release and its classic soundtrack.


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Patrick Alexander